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Kelley Ewing
Coach and Mentor

Her Mission:

Kelley Ewing is a woman of God with a prophetic voice. Her vision is to see you set free and empowered to become all that God created you to be. With her compassionate and loving heart, she pours truth into those who need encouragement and hope. 

She has been intricately trained and certified by global renowned experts on practical tools to empower you to succeed in life.

Don't let your pain or your past keep you from coming to know who God created you to be! There is so much more! 


In Kelley's recent memoir, Finally Found, takes us through her powerful personal journey of painful circumstances and finding the Heavenly Father's love. It is a story of survival and one of faith. No one to trust, but the Lord himself. Her story is quite gripping and will lead you into knowing healing and deliverance for yourself.