Hi! I'm Kelley

I am a woman who found true love. Love that did not come from my husband or my family, but from one that loves me at all times. In fact, He never stopped loving me and is always with me even when I went through many life struggles, heartaches, regrets and failures. Who is continuously with me at all times.

Ever since I was a little girl I was in search of who God really was. I wanted to know him so personally but I could not find him. I have faced rejection, misjudgment from others. I was emotionally and mentally abused. I felt very alone and depressed. Jesus came in and restored my heart. He became my hope and my greatest love.  

I started this blog because I wanted to share my journey with those who are going through struggles and hurts or who have experienced pain. I love to hear the Fathers voice and his heart for others through prophetic words so they can experience freedom, joy and hope. 

 I pray what you read will bless and encourage you. 

I live in North Carolina with my husband, two boys and our two dogs. I love to write, read, spend time with my family and take nice long walks, especially on the beach.