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  • Kelley

You are so worth it! You are loved! You are appreciated! You belong! You are a child of a King! 

What King you may ask? The one true King! Jesus! He created you in your mother’s womb. He said this one belongs to me. I love this one! He had given life to you and life more abundantly! He takes pleasure in you.

I remember the time when I just wanted to give up and say that’s it! There is nothing for me to live for. Do you feel that way? Maybe at times you say, “this is too much for me”. Maybe, your marriage is falling apart. Maybe, your job is taking its toll out on you. Maybe, your family won’t leave you alone. Maybe, its your day-to-day work load that is too much.

I am telling you not to give up! God wants to help you.

God says: To call upon the name of Jesus and he will rescue you. Joel 2:32

I know if I did not have Jesus in my life to comfort me and to encourage me to continue, I would not be here today. That’s why I am writing to tell you..Not to give up. You have much in store for you in the days ahead!

I was one whose marriage was failing. I was one whose family would not leave me alone. I was one whose work load was too much to bear. I was one who wanted to give up. I was one whose job was too much! I was one who gave up on much in life and now I am MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!

You are precious to Him! DON’T GIVE UP!

My prayer for you is this – Father, come sit alongside your precious child the one you love and adore. Lord wrap your arms around them. Let them know how much you love them. Give them a dream Father and send your heavenly angels to surround them! I thank you Father for your precious love. ~Amen

  • Kelley

I remember being in elementary school. I was coming back from a fire drill and  standing in line waiting to go back into the classroom. A few of the kids were standing around talking and they asked me if I was a virgin. Now, I am maybe in the 4th or 5th grade (10 or 11 years old) at that time. The shy girl who kept to herself mostly. I had no clue what that word was, so I just said yes. That day I became the laughing-stock!

Maybe you have felt like that sometime in your life. Possibly someone made you feel so small. Maybe you were the child or adult where the words stung you and you walked away. Maybe you were the one whom the word stung you and you wanted to get even and hurt them back. Either way the words got to you!


I can recount many days were I felt that sting right to my heart. Kids can be pretty mean, not only kids but adults as well. Our words can hurt! There is power in the tongue. Words can bless or they curse. We don’t realize what words can actually do. Our words have an effect on others.

We all were created with a heart and to love one another. It is in our DNA to love. So, why do we say hurtful things to one another? Yes, you may have been hurt by loved ones, family, friends, and possibly some random person on your path. But, we are responsible for our words.


God wants to heal us of hurtful words that were spoken. So I am going to pray for you….

Father, I ask that you would come now and heal any broken wounds from words that were spoken over their life. I break every lie that has come against you. I declare those words be broken in Jesus name! ~amen!

  • Kelley

If I told you that what you are going through right now will not stay this way would you believe me? No matter how deep the pit you are in there is a way out. If it was done for me cannot it be done for you? No matter what your past looked like or what you did or did not do. God can forgive you and change your situation around.

God does not want us to carry shame, guilt, anger, depression or thoughts of hopelessness. There is a way out, there is a way for freedom. We all have made mistakes. Maybe while your reading this you don’t even want to hear about God because it hurts too much or possibly think what can God do for me. I get that!

Sometimes its the ones we love the most who hurt us. That is truth! I was in my own pit and I couldn’t see a way out. Struggles of life, heartache and pain would not seem to go away. I felt alone especially when I was going through major issues in my life.

I trusted people easily and I let people into my heart who I thought loved me. Some was past relationships and others were family. The relationships that I were in only hurt me or made me feel lesser than who I was. Family would speak against me and behind my back. They spoke many lies about me. Some even tried to destroy my life and my marriage. Probably even wanted me dead.  BUT GOD!

I wanted to give up on life. But, you see I had a responsibility to my little loved ones. I knew I needed a way out but how? Thats when God became so real in my life. It was God who brought me out of my pit. It was God who told me I was worth it! I had to live, I had to live for HIM and for my children. It was the power of God and HIS love that changed my story. He can change yours!

All I can say is that I am still here today. Praise God! What I want to say is that God sees all you are going through and you are not alone. His word says ~ I will never leave you, nor forsake you~ Hebrews 13:5  This is a promise from God

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