To bring encouragment through hearing the Fathers heart through prophecy and teaching. 

To bring freedom, healing and hope. 

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  • Kelley

Updated: May 7

I was sitting out on my back porch and I asked the Lord what do you have to say today. He said that he is going to envelope you with his greatest love possible.

Welcome him with loving arms. I see him now. As you out stretch your arms he is reaching and pulling you into his.

  • Kelley

Some of you while you are in isolation the enemy is flooding your mind with thoughts. Thoughts that are not of him. Your eyes are on what the media is saying and not on what God is saying. Maybe you don’t even know what God is saying. But, it is not what the media is portraying. God is for you and not against you. He did not allow the virus to bring you to a place or fear or anxiety. However, he loves you and he wants to have a relationship with you. The fear that you are living in is not God. For God does not bring fear. His perfect love casts out all fear. In fear there is torment. The enemy/devil would love for you to blame God. Maybe you are uncertain if you will pay your bills or you are afraid of getting sick. That is fear. God says come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Rest for your body you soul and your mind. He wants you to come to know him for who he is. When I was living in fear and worried about what was going to happen to me or in my life. I had to get on my knees because I had no other place to go. Thank God I knew that there was a God and that he was real. Maybe you don’t even know that there is a God in heaven that loves you with a passion. I found myself on my knees time and time again in search of him because I could not live in fear. I could not live in depression. I wanted out. The thoughts in my mind were consuming me. Don’t let them consume you. I break off all the lies you believe. I break off the lie that there is no God. There is a God and he is more powerful than you know. I break off all fear anxiety dread and torment. Father come now and invade these homes. Come Lord with your all consuming love and work within them of who you are. I thank you Lord for your word will not return back void but do as it was meant to do.

  • Kelley

Don’t stop seeking the Lord or wanting to know who he is. The Lord says when we seek him we shall find him.

Don’t let time pass you by. You have said out of your own mouth “there must be something better than this.”

There is! There is something so much better than this. There is someone so much better than what you see before you. Stop running around looking for things or people to fulfill you. It’s right there, right in front of you, he is.

He is calling you. It’s an invitation to know who God is. To know him on a greater scale. He is not just a name that people throw around. He actually answers prayers. He actually loves you more than you will ever know.

When you feel his love that becomes enough for you. Can you believe it? You no longer desire those “things” you feel you want anymore. He becomes just enough for you. I dare you to know him. I dare you to get to know who he is and than you will find out what you were created for.

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