• Kelley

2 Prophetic Words

Updated: Feb 16

I sense there is someone who is reading this right now who is carrying a heavy burden on your heart. I hear the Father saying, just let it be, just let it go. It is no longer yours to bear anymore. This is my burden now.

He is asking that you lay this down at his feet. He wants to turn this situation around but you keep holding on to it. I sense a strong desire that you want to fix it. God is saying “no” take your hands off the wheel. I am in control.

I know you are not happy with the way things have gone but your cannot solve this. It’s for God and God alone to solve.

I hear him say “just give it time”.


There is someone reading this who needs to know that you are greatly loved. These things from your past do not define who you are. He knows you want to break free from your past. He says you now need to walk it out. I declare freedom over you in the name of Jesus!

you are a new sound upon this earth. The Lord is going to use you in a mighty way. Do not look back. It is not going to be the same. The enemy will try to bring you back there in your thoughts, but you will resist him. Resist all the negative thoughts that tell you otherwise.

His Heart Speaks

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