God is the answer and the solution to life’s problems. There is nothing that we can’t solve with him. He leads us into all truth.

He will never lead you astray. If you make a mistake he is gracious to put you back on track.

Someone feels like they lost their way. God is saying that he is there. He is there with you, you just have to acknowledge his name.

He is going to lead you on to the path of “all truth”. He is going to show you the way. You do not have to fear.

Someone is taking a big step and he is saying it’s okay. It’s all going to work out. You have sought him and he is showing you the way.

For someone else you have picked up a burden that was not yours to carry. You thought nothing of it. God is saying he did not ask you to do it. It may seem okay now, but later it is going to weigh you down. Place it back at his feet.

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