I just love Him!

I love Him!

I love Him because He is good.

Every issue , every circumstance He brought me through.

Why? Because he love me and he loves you.

Depression defeated! He gave me new joy! He gave me knew life! He turned my situations around not because I deserved it, but because He loves me.

He loves you and wants to turn your situations around.

You are not meant to just survive but thrive.

There is an enemy who wants to steal everything from you. Why? Because that is what he does. He comes to steal kill and destroy. God comes to give you life and life more abundantly. There is so much for you.

Imagine having someone and that is all that you need. He wants to fill everything that you desire.

What we must come to realize is that what we actually desire is really Him.... Jesus.

He comes to take away the pain, the hardship, the lies, the anger, fear and depression. All of it... to give you what ? Him!

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