There is a time, a season, for every purpose under heaven. For some, the weights that you have been carrying have been so burdensome even overwhelming at times. I know of this all too well especially within my own home, the cares, the concerns I carry or even face.

In the past, I would call a friend or even a close family member who I can go to and speak about my circumstances with. All to often I would be running to them and not to God. I realized that my problems were not theirs, but Gods. I had to become dependent upon Him and not rely on others.

Understand this, I am not saying not to discuss your problems with a trusted someone, but the one whom we should run to is Him. He is the one who can help us walk through situations in life and believe me they can get overwhelming.

I felt to write this today because many are facing difficult circumstances, some of which are not easy. But, I do know He will see you through. He always does and always will.

It may be difficult, but you will endure.

He is just a phone call away. Well, not really. You just need to call out to Him. One of my favorite verses that I like from Gods word is: I cried to the Lord and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears (Fears also include, worries & anxieties). Psalm 18:6

My prayer for you today is that those very circumstances you are facing will not pull you under and that you will see the break of day.

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