• Kelley


I never fit in. I am not like the rest.

He made me different, what he thinks is the best.

He told me truths because I believed in lies. He brought me up, out of that dark pit. That he did, miraculously.

He healed my wounds when I knelt down and cried.

Others mocked and talked amongst the others. I let it go and had to forgive.

I turned my cheek instead.

They brushed me aside and they too also believed in those lies. That made me hide.

I knew I was different . But how can that be. People misjudge by what they see or not understand officially.

God says something quite differently.

He has it all mapped out for me, even though I can’t yet quite all see. Let them say whatever it is that they want to believe. You see, my God , my God burns deep within. My God, my God puts me in a tail spin. Arms stretched wide , with compassion inside.

My love for him yet grows and grows.

No longer can I hide what he put inside.

His love for others is what he desires. So he decided for me to show it towards others. Pour, pour and pour some more. I have to listen to the one I love.

You see I burn for the one whom is not like the others.


His Heart Speaks

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