A Few Words of Encouragement

For someone today God is going to rescue you. That slump you are in, He is going to pull you up. Send your high praises unto the Lord your God. He is going to pull you out.

Today! He is going to do it.

I declare new strength and vitality over you, in the Name of Jesus!


For someone tonight, while I was praying, I heard that God has not forgotten about you. Your life is not a lost cause. That is only a lie that you are believing. The Lord is pursuing you and don’t stop pursuing Him.


For some of you God is doing some rearranging and moving some things around. I see a man moving a chess pieces on a board. One piece needs to move in order for the next piece to advance to its next place or position.

Don’t doubt that God is not moving, for He is. It’s always in His perfect timing.

For some of you I hear an advancement is to take place.


While with the Lord this morning I heard Him say...

Don’t give up now, Keep going. Keep moving forward for I am just beginning to do new things in your life. It will not be like it was before.


I am leading this generation back to Christ. Some are going to be fire starters in their nations, schools, cities and communities.

I am leading them back to me. What they see around them is vague and unfamiliar. They do not like it. They do not want their nations to fall apart. They want justice. They are not intimidated. It’s just the opposite. They are strong and fierce and they are ready to move mountains out of their way. They are trained and equipped to launch out into the deep. Their hearts cry out for more.

They beat to a different drummer and great exploits many will do.

I am their rear guard. I will keep them out of trouble/harms way. Their trust and confidence is in me alone. They will not lack for I will provide all of their needs.


Divine help is coming to you. It’s coming your way.


Hello All,

I wanted to ask you all a question. As the Lord gives me words would you like to see it posted everyday or would you rather me compile it every week? If you can drop me a comment on the bottom of this post that would be great.

God bless you and thanks again for reading what the our Heavenly Father puts on my heart for you all.

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