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A Glimpse From Yesterdays Speech

Last night while watching the Presidential speech I noticed something. Well, something that the Lord was showing me. During the speech he had called upon a woman and she was standing there with her two children. The President was honoring her and spoke about her husband fighting for our country. She hadn’t seem him in a while and she was raising these two young children on her own. I saw such sadness in her eyes. She looked tired and weary. I knew exactly how she felt. She felt alone. The President then told her that her husband was there and he came out and he hugged his daughter and hugged his son and then gave a kiss to his wife. Still, I sensed she felt alone. There was distance between the two of them. The time spent away from family had seemed to cause a distance between the two of them.

This broke my heart because I too know what it is like to feel alone raising two children and a husband who wasn’t around. I felt deeply for them as couple and as a family. How society and the enemy has torn families apart. There are many families that have no idea that there is a spirit tearing apart families. As I write this I am tears because the years that go by and families don’t know how to fight to keep themselves together. The years I was fighting against the enemy and I did not know what I was fighting. I had to trust in the Lord to fight my battles.

I kept going. I did not give up. I fought for my marriage and my two boys. The nights my son would call me up into his room and tell me he had message from the Lord. Those messages each night gave me hope and comfort to continue on. God was relaying through my son about spiritual warfare. God told my son about the weapons we would have to use to fight the enemy.

I would have given up. I would not have made it this far. Many times I asked the Lord do I walk away. He would say no, continue on, he needs you.

This is all I have to say for now. Just that God is in the process of restoring marriages and families. This is my heart. Turning the hearts of the Fathers to the children and the children to the Fathers.

His Heart Speaks

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