• Kelley

A God surprise

We have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I have always wanted this dog. I loved everything about it. I love their cute faces and how this breed is so loving. When we first went to look at her, the kids fell in love, but we did not bring her home that day. So, the next couple of days I couldn’t stop talking about her and my husband finally said “okay go get her.” When we brought her home we saw she had a heart on her paw. Now, God has always showed us hearts, but now, on my new puppy, I knew she was from God. She had to be. This dog actually gives you hugs. I mean it when I say that, she really does.

Well, the other day, as I was vacuuming the carpet. I saw a heart on the floor near her bed. The heart came from her hair. Her hair was matted, but what came off her hair was a matted heart. Can you believe it? God has a way of showing himself off. He does this just to tell me he is right there. He is always there.

I pray that God shows himself to you today in a way you have not seen him before. He is awesome and he cares about every detail of your life. Every!

His Heart Speaks

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