• Kelley

A Log - Warrior Angel

There was a time when my family was going through some trials. My husband had hired a man to take down some trees in our backyard. He left some logs from the trees in the grass. I was taking a peak around and there laid this one particular log that stood out to me. On the base of this log was an imprint of a warrior angel. He had a bow in one hand and what looked like to be a shield on his back. He was down on his knees. In that moment, I knew Gods protection was around us. The thing was, God was always making himself known around our home. Not only could we hear his voice, but we were actually seeing that he was really with us. But, on this particular day I had seen nothing like it. This is something my kids and I could never forget especially because we were learning how to use our authority. God was showing us that his angels were around protecting us and fighting with us and for us. He was continuously opening up our eyes to see him in a different way.

I pray for the manifestations of God to come into your homes and make himself known in another way. In a way you have not experienced him before. I pray he makes it so clear that you know it is God and only God. Lord open eyes to see!

His Heart Speaks

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