• Kelley

A Pit Too Big

If I told you that what you are going through right now will not stay this way would you believe me? No matter how deep the pit you are in there is a way out. If it was done for me cannot it be done for you? No matter what your past looked like or what you did or did not do. God can forgive you and change your situation around.

God does not want us to carry shame, guilt, anger, depression or thoughts of hopelessness. There is a way out, there is a way for freedom. We all have made mistakes. Maybe while your reading this you don’t even want to hear about God because it hurts too much or possibly think what can God do for me. I get that!

Sometimes its the ones we love the most who hurt us. That is truth! I was in my own pit and I couldn’t see a way out. Struggles of life, heartache and pain would not seem to go away. I felt alone especially when I was going through major issues in my life.

I trusted people easily and I let people into my heart who I thought loved me. Some was past relationships and others were family. The relationships that I were in only hurt me or made me feel lesser than who I was. Family would speak against me and behind my back. They spoke many lies about me. Some even tried to destroy my life and my marriage. Probably even wanted me dead.  BUT GOD!

I wanted to give up on life. But, you see I had a responsibility to my little loved ones. I knew I needed a way out but how? Thats when God became so real in my life. It was God who brought me out of my pit. It was God who told me I was worth it! I had to live, I had to live for HIM and for my children. It was the power of God and HIS love that changed my story. He can change yours!

All I can say is that I am still here today. Praise God! What I want to say is that God sees all you are going through and you are not alone. His word says ~ I will never leave you, nor forsake you~ Hebrews 13:5  This is a promise from God

His Heart Speaks

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