• Kelley

A Prayer For Healing

There is someone who has put up many walls because of the hurt they have gone through. These walls are very high and they will not let anyone in Because of what they have gone through.

God says if you will open up to me I will take down these walls that are blocking you into your forward progression in me.

God comes to give us life and life more abundantly. What he is desiring of you is that lay down that past hurt and let go of the pain you have held on for so long.

He sees it and he wants to set you free from it.

I declare and speak healing over you. That these walls are coming down. That it is time now for you to move on into what God has promised in your life. The Father is saying it is okay to let it go. I will take it all from here. Trust me now.

I pray that each time you lay something down you will pick up something new and as you do this you will feel an overwhelming desire to continue to lay more things down at his feet. You will begin to feel freedom rush in. This is the beginning of the new for you.

His Heart Speaks

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