• Kelley

A Shaking Takes Place

There was a time that caused a shaking up within my family. It was a painful time. God allows things to happen in the spirit and then in the natural. Well, this instance God allowed an earthquake to take place while I was in my own home. The grounds shook. You have to understand this was the first time I ever felt an earthquake. The person who was with me in my home was not for me but against me. God was showing me then that he was not going to allow what this person was doing, so he was causing a shaking up to expose the truth.

Sometimes we need to be shaken up to see what really is operating.

I sense that the Lord is causing a shaking up within some lives because he wants to expose the darkness that is keeping you bound. He is going to turn the lamp on so that you can see clearly. In order for you to walk into the next place he has to show you what is there that is keeping you bound.

Father reveal these hidden things and bring them into the light so that your people can see. You don’t want us living in the darkness and staying where we are at so you allow shakings to take place so that we may see.

I decree and declare eyes open and ears open so that they may see and hear clearly. Reveal those things that are hidden and bring them into your light. In the name of Jesus!

His Heart Speaks

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