• Kelley

A Story

I am in the process of finishing up my book. I am waiting to find an editor and publisher to get my book out there. I just wanted to share a little snippet of my story with you.

My story is unique and not quite like the rest. God created us all differently of what he thought was the best. My journey is about seeking out for the Fathers love. Learning how to love and forgive those who hurt you and even my own self. My story is quite unique because my children have been a big part of my journey. God had used them to teach me, but not only me, but to also teach them about himself. They learned a completely different way than what I grew up with. They learned about warfare and the use of his spiritual weapons(which is the word of God). They learned about the love of Jesus through Jesus himself. Those times when Jesus would speak through them directly to me. He gave them hope and encouragement that they had to report back to me. They would receive messages through his angels or from God himself. The stories that I have to share of our journey, of what we had to came to know, of Gods love and his goodness. I cannot wait for you to read. It has been quite an adventure. Quite a powerful one if you ask me.

His Heart Speaks

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