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A Vision - old man in the woods

A vision about an old man through my son….

My son saw a man, an old man to be exact. He was In the woods. Happy and content with no care in the world. He was like a hermit. He loved being alone in the woods and taking long walks. He was at peace. No one disturb him.

What I am sensing from the Lord is that the men of our nations need to rise up. So many have fallen asleep. Some are too content were they are at. They may not like what’s going on but don’t want to do anything about it. They try to escape, hide and go into their shells.

I remember hearing about the days of old where husbands would seek God for wisdom. They would lead their families in prayer and seek for truth. My mother would tell me that as a little girl she would see her father and he would be on his knees praying every night. This is where we all need to be.

Today, too many men allow women to take care of the households and raise up the children. Some women had no other choice but to take the reigns and raise them up they best way they knew how. Then, we wonder why the children have no respect for the fathers, others or that their children get into mischief. It’s the men that God is after. He wants them to take their place and stand next to the women. God did not create man or woman to stand alone. We cannot do this on our own, we need each other. God created men to be strong and courageous.

Women pray for your husbands especially for those who are not taking their place as men of the household. God wants to bring families together and be a unit and work together. God created families for a purpose and that is for His kingdom. HE SHALL DO IT!

Let’s pray for our men to become all that God intended for them to be.

Father, turn the hearts of the children to the Fathers and the Fathers to the children. Lord wake up the men in our lives to seek after your face and after truths of your kingdom. Lord turn them into God fearing men who will take a stand for the truth. Let them rise up and let their enemies be scattered. I decree and declare let the Jehus arise, let the Noah’s arise, let the David’s arise, let the Moses’ arise! It’s time, it’s time! It’s time to take your place. Mighty men of God, it is your turn. It is your turn to turn nations around. It is your turn to fight the good fight! Guess what ? We win!

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Matt 6:33

I had a conversation with a man a while back and he said he always wished he had gone into the military. He wanted to fight for his country. Did you ever feel that way? Well it’s not too late, because we are in a war, a spiritual war. Our weapons are not real ones, but spiritual ones. Your troops are you family and you are the leader! Your General is Jesus! The GREAT I AM!

His Heart Speaks

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