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There is someone who cares deeply about you. I should know. I was left to fend for myself. I had To raise two boys on my own because my husband wasn’t there because of his own emotional attachments. He wasn’t there at the time like he should have been. I was judged, blamed and harassed by the enemy. I faced depression and trauma that I could not find my way out. I asked for help from others, even the church, only to be judged and cast aside. This went on for years. I couldn’t run to family for they were part of the problem. So God intervened and showed my boys through dreams and visions about spiritual warfare and what exactly was taken place. Angelic visitations took place in my home. God showed up because no one else would. God broke through. Maybe you are on your own and you can’t see you way out or ahead. Let me tell you God is your way out. He wants to lead you out of the darkness and into his marvelous light. I wanted to be loved so much that I went looking for it through others. I only got hurt. But that love that desire for acceptance drove me to do some crazy things. Rejection...it hurts. God was despised and rejected as well. So your not alone. But you know what God wants to set you free from rejection. Why? Because he says you are a child of a King. You are his! He loves the heck out of you. I pray for those today that have faced rejection and I declare freedom and healing over you. You are loved. He loves you. You are accepted by him. No matter what you have done. No matter what your past looks like he accepts you. In fact he calls you his own.

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