• Kelley

A word

As my boys and I were getting ready to worship the Lord my son sees a vision. In this vision was this high gate with a small handle and in front of it was a big rock that went over this gate. This gate could not open because the rock was in the way.

As we are continuing to worship it was difficult to break through. I asked the Lord what's going on why can't I reach you. I hear the words "open the floodgates of heaven". So i put on that song. As soon as I did the presence of God came in strong.

I started to pray and I am praying over those who read this now....

Whatever is clouding your mind and your thinking right now I BREAK it off you in JESUS NAME!! I speak clarity of mind!!!

Than I heard the Lord say, I am turning the injustices around upon peoples lives. Where they have felt shame and abandonment. I will cause others to come along side them. They will help them along their journey to bring them to the next level. They will be accepted and no longer rejected.

They will feel my love and my power come upon them in unprecedented ways. They will know the ways in which they are to walk. They will not teeter back and forth wondering which way they are to go.

I will lead them and I will guide them. They will know without a shadow of a doubt.

His Heart Speaks

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