• Kelley

A Word

I see this production line. There is a man that would shake these boxes to see if there was anything in it. If there wasn’t he would toss it behind him. If there was he would pass it across to the woman in front of him. Some boxes he would shake as if he was trying to figure out what was inside.

I hear the Father saying that whatever is of little or no value to you, toss it aside. But what you do have that is of meaning and value to you pass it along to others.

I also sense that these boxes carry weight to them and are needed. There is something in these boxes that are yet to be revealed. These boxes continue to come and will eventually be opened and revealed of what is inside. You cannot guess what is inside, it is something that the Lord will reveal to you as you come closer...closer to him. Closer in his presence. He is the revealer of all secrets and in hidden places.

His Heart Speaks

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