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A Word

I thought I knew what love was. I thought I had an idea what it was all about. I wanted to learn of him and know about him. I just did not know how to get it. I went to church thinking I could find him there and I couldn’t. No one could tell me about his love. As a young teenager I was hungry and looking for love. I sought after God but couldn’t find him.

That hunger and desire started to leave because I could not find it. The church could not love me the way I needed love. My parents could not love me that way I needed love. So, I turned away from God.

I went looking for that love in all the wrong places. I sought love through relationships were I only got hurt. I poured out the love of what I did have and what I did know only to get hurt and taken advantage of.

As years went by life’s hurts, pain and traumas all added up. Only left me alone, unhappy and afraid. I got married only to find that I was like the woman in the Bible who married only to be rejected. Then we had our first child and I was alone when I had to nurture him up. You see though God had another idea. There was a grandma that was still praying to Jesus.

She gave my son a bible. One of which was his favorite book. He could not stop talking about the cross. He wanted to know about him and even spoke of him. Then God brought in a friend who was also a Christian and she spoke of the Lord. God eventually started to work on my heart.

Oooohhhh that desire to know him came back. I started to chase after him. This time I did not come up empty. I started to find him.

Not only did I find him but I was in for a lot more than what I ever expected, but also with my children too. They no did not

have to grow up without knowing about the Heavenly Fathers love.


His Heart Speaks

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