• Kelley

A word

Some came to see Jesus and brought a friend who was paralyzed. The crowd was so large that they could not get to him. So they went to the top of the roof of where Jesus was and they lowered the paralyzed man down through the roof. Jesus healed him because of their faith and his sins were forgiven.

I see a person lying on a hospital bed and I see someone standing over them holding there hand, looking towards them. As you are holding their hand, I declare that the power of God will run through your hands and bring that healing to that individual. I sense that this person in the hospital bed is young. God is going to restore the lost years to this person. God will bring healing and wholeness to their body and their mind. Those things that have held them captive will no longer hold them captive.

I hear the Lord saying, I have arrived. I am with him now.

His Heart Speaks

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