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Updated: Feb 29

I am in my car quite often. I drive my children back and forth to school each day and the afternoon. The ride is quite long. They have practice two nights per week. As I am sitting here asking the Lord for his help. I see him and he is sitting in the passenger side next to me. My car is quite a mess from the dead grass on the floor from off of their soccer cleats and the quick meal from Jersey Mikes on the go. Not to mention uniforms and dirty socks. We live out of my car (not literally).

I see Jesus now. Sitting there in the passenger seat, looking straight ahead. I picture Jesus as someone quite tall, maybe basketball height. His legs are so long that they are squished between the car seat and glove compartment. I am happy he is here.

He now is looking out towards the soccer fields watching the children play. He says, “things look good from here”.

I ask him what do you think of all this? Meaning, how I live out of my car. He says its only temporary. Its short lived. Not much longer my love. Soon things will settle down. You will go from victory to victory. You will see.

Sometimes the busyness of life can get so chaotic that you feel like you have forgotten to breathe. That refreshing wind of his presence is what holds you close. His heartbeat is what I am after. I long to hear his heartbeat. I need it. Other times I believe I would have given up without it.

You see, this time I have a friend and this one friend sticks closer than a brother. Nothing can compare to Him.

His Heart Speaks

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