• Kelley

A Word

My child come sit with me. Don't let todays distractions draw you away. You will be able to get to everything else done later. I just want that time with you. I need it and so do you. I want to strengthen you for the hour that we are living in.

Do you feel him calling you away? This is your time. The most precious time that no one can take away. Its only if you allow them.

Its okay to say no to them. I am most important right now.

When he draws you to him. Run... run with open open arms. Many times I see him with his arms extended out and I see myself running into his arms. God wants to reveal so much to you. He wants you to find that rest and that peace that only he can give.

Don't run from him today but run to him. Even when he wants to interrupt your day.


His Heart Speaks

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