• Kelley

A word

God asks that we put to death our earthly nature. Sexual immorality, impurity, lusts, evil desires and greed. They are idolatry. He says we MUST rid ourselves of these things. He wants us to put on the new..compassion, kindness, forgiveness, gentleness, humility, and patience. Overall these things, we need to put on love.

We know we cannot do these things on our own. We need the Lord to help us. We need the Lord to show us. When we spend time in his presence he changes us to be more like him. We no longer desire what we use to desire, we start to desire him. This is where the true change comes.

Let us become more like him. Let us want to please him. Let us desire what he desires. More of you Lord and less of me.

His Heart Speaks

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