• Kelley

A Word

I am up tonight and I asked the Lord for those of you who may even be awake at This time.

Do not fear for I am near. I am near you even right now. I will make a way for you. It will all be okay. Trust me. Lean not on your understanding, but trust me.

Fear has no place where you are. For in me there is no darkness at all. I am light. For I created light. Run back to the light which is me. Run back with your focus on me. You got a little off course and I want to pull you back on track.

I break off all spirits of fear. Every lie that is coming against you that you will not make it must go now to the feet of Jesus! He is making a way, for he is the way. The way is him. Keep your focus on him. Turn back to him.

Stop looking to what’s going on around you. This will only cause confusion and uncertainty.

I am not the author of confusion. Rest in me my beloveds.

His Heart Speaks

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