• Kelley

A Word

My child, you are not the only one sitting there. I am sitting there with you.

This message is for someone today. It’s for the one who feels like they are sitting there alone. I hear the Father say you are not alone and that I am sitting right there with you. God says in his word that we are seated in the Heavenly places and that is where you sit. You sit there along side of him. That is how special and valued you are to the Lord.

I hear him say come make things right with me. I did not intend for you to sit on the floor begging but I have intended for you to sit with me. Come come to me. Let me show you your value and your worth. You are worth more than many sparrows. This is your time and this is your season. Come make things right with me. Whatever you are holding on to, whatever shame, whatever guilt, UnForgiveness come and release it to me. Give it to me. You see I want to make you whiter than snow.

His Heart Speaks

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