• Kelley

A word

I looked for love in all the wrong places. I was desperate for love but for the wrong kind of love. I was rejected and ashamed. When I got noticed by a man I would cling to them and at times run after them even if they rejected me. Many times for the wrong reasons because I wanted to be accepted and loved. But, you see because of the rejection in life and lack of love I went searching for it from others. They could not give me what I needed. I poured out my heart to others and they took advantage of me and my heart got broken.

Then came the love I so desperately desired. For hours I would cry out to the Lord needing love and Jesus came and surrounded me. It was a painful time for me but I cried out desperately for him. He gave it to me. He gave me his love. This time instead of going to others for that love, I went to him and each time he gave me more and more and more of his love and this eventually filled me with joy and peace.

We must become desperate for Him!

I come against all rejection, shame and guilt in your life. I ask for our Heavenly Father to fill you with his love to overflowing. That the love you pour out for your Heavenly Father will be able to pour out that love unto others.

His Heart Speaks

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