A Word

While sitting with the Lord I started to cry out and the Lord said, “Tell my people I love them”.

What man meant for evil God will turn it for your good. Man’s plans will not succeed.

Take a step closer to me. Lay down these fears upon me. These burdens you carry are not meant for you.

You are free from the curse of the law. Who the son sets free, is free indeed. Come to know more of my love. My love will make all the difference within your lives. It’s my love that will sustain you and carry you. Man is not your answer to your problem, I AM.

My children fail to realize how much I love them. They cannot see because of all their circumstances. Change will come. Let go of what you do know and draw close to me. I AM your answer.

I called to the Lord and He answered me and He delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4

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