A Word For Someone

To someone reading this... I am not sure when but I felt led to post that God is you answer. Running to other things beside him will not satisfy you. You have filled your mouth with wine and ran to a fro. There is a lack of peace within you because there is a void you are trying to fill. It will not be filled until you seek after the Lord. He sees you and he knows you by your name. He created you. His heart is after yours. You have believed lies for so long that you are not even sure what the truth is anymore. At times you feel alone as if no one cares. Things have taken place in your life which you don’t understand how or why. You feel as if your life is falling apart because it seems like things never go right. God is calling you. He is calling your name. Reach out towards him. His hand is right there grab hold of it.

I remember when I first came back to the Lord and I needed him because I felt exactly the same way. I saw him. I saw his hand reaching out towards mine. Now, he is doing the same for you.

I pray for you today that your eyes would be open to the truth. To the truth of who he truly is. He is your deliverer, he is your healer, he will satisfy your every desire. This is His promise to you. You will not longer need those things that you are running too. God will fulfill you.

I declare that you will see Him work wonders in your life and you will be amazed.

If you are questioning if this is you, it is. He led you here to read it.

This is Jesus wanting your heart. Do not doubt.

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