• Kelley

A Word For Someone

For someone, God wants to hear your voice. He wants you to speak to him. YOu don’t have to sit there alone and wonder if it will always be like this.

His word says, that he is close to the Broken-Hearted. Psalm 34:18

I am sitting here and the Lord had me stop what I am doing to come on here and give you a word to bring you hope and to encourage you.

I am tears as I write this because this person whom I see is very lost and alone. Feels as if no one cares. He cares. He cares deeply about you.

He says it will get better. I see them sitting on a couch and flicking the switch to the television. Changing the channels one by one.

Come to me all you are weary and I will give you rest. Matt 11:28

Your not meant to handle this on your own.

Go to your Father which is in heaven. Go to him. He wants to rescue you.

His Heart Speaks

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