• Kelley

A Word of Encouragement

People don’t need to understand you. God understands you. I have a heart of worship and it is passionate and intense at times. The reason being is because I craved and desired his love so much as I child. I needed and wanted to know him for who he was. I couldn’t find him. There was something that God had put within me to go after him and then man tried to steal that passion I had for him because they did not understand me.

I am here to say no one needs to understand you because God does. It’s okay to look like a fool to others. Let out that cry, let out your passion to the Lord because that is what brought me through the most intense battles in my life. I had no idea what was coming against me or my family. The only place I knew where to go was on the floor of my bedroom, living room, bathroom and yes the bathroom even in restaurants or places I would be at. I would get on my knees and cry out. I needed the breakthrough.

That is my weapon... my tears. The enemy tried to steal my passion for him. He tried since I was a little girl. No one! No one will take that from me. That is my form of worship! Let it be yours! Let the passion you have for Jesus exceed all your fears and don’t worry what it looks like. It’s about him. It’s all about him.

His Heart Speaks

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