• Kelley

Angels and Balloons

The other night the Lord met me and my son while I was getting him ready for bed. We decided to worship the Lord and wait upon him.

All of a sudden, My son started to see angels in his room and they were bringing something to me. He said there were many angels. They kept coming. They were coming with balloons, many different kinds of balloons, all shapes and sizes.

The Lord showed me that there was a celebration going on in the heavenlies.

As a little girl I loved balloons. I never really received many balloons, but I loved them and even to this day. What the Father was showing me was that they were giving me balloons because of the prophetic words that God is going to have me release.

The best part of all was the very next day my son had asked his father if he can go to the store. He did not say why just that he needed to get something. He came home with my very own balloon and some flowers to go with it!

He was just following the leading of the Holy Spirit on that one. 😊🎈🌸

His Heart Speaks

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