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Be Willing

Your heart is precious to Him. The one whom formed you in your mothers womb. There is no one quite like you. So many of us have gone through hurt and pain. Some are still hurting. Some are still waiting for their breakthrough. We all have faced hardship. Some have reached healing and some have not.

While on my walk the other day the Lord allowed me to speak into someones life. It was God orchestrated, but I was a willing vessel. I just listened to His still small voice.

I had sat on a bench that over looked a lake. It was quiet and quite serene. Three people walk by and I had asked the Father if he wanted me to say something to them. He did not respond. Then a young college aged woman sat on the other bench near me. While sitting there I had a conversation with the Father talking about faith.

I proceeded to stand up and walk on. He than says to me "Go back to her". I said are you sure? He said yes. But, I wasn't sure if I heard right. So I continued to walk on. He said to me again "Go back to her". I said okay. I turned back around and he says to me "That a girl!" : ) I had asked him what would you like me to say. He said "Tell her I love her". So, I approached her and asked her if she believed in Jesus and she said yes. I told her that He loved her. I told her that Jesus wanted me to turn back around just to speak to you. As I am speaking to her the tears are rolling down her checks. Her heart was broken and frail. The Lord allowed me to love on her. It was a beautiful moment and I was able to feel his heart for her.

In that moment, all that mattered was Him and her. Words to give life, hope, healing and love.

I pray as your read this that you would allow God to move in your heart to reach out to others just by listening to that still small voice.

His Heart Speaks

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