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Betrayal Hurts...But God!

There was a time when my faith was tested through betrayal. It was during my earlier walk with the Lord. Either I could trust that he had me or I could have completely lost it. Oh what grace he gave me to walk it out. Thank God he gave me a warning dream the night before. I remember the phone call that day. The day when family services told me they were going to come to my house to check on my home to see if my kids were being neglected or abused. My husband was in another state on a job location. I was alone. The very next day they showed up and interviewed my children who were so young. I remember that day, my son, maybe two years old runs up to me and gives me the biggest hug and kiss and says I love you. This happened while family services were visiting. It was the most difficult time because I knew who made that phone call to family services, but my husband did not want to believe it. So he decided to throw it all under the rug. Things were never the same there after.

I had to show love, I had to hold back my anger. I did question my own family members and they all denied it. It was a painful time because I did not want to lose my children. It was done out of “care and concern”. That is what family services said when they called us back to let “my husband know” that is why it was done. Yet, he still did not want to believe. Funny because a few days beforehand he went to visit his family and they questioned him about what was going on in our home. He was quite puzzled. To be honest, we were busy taking care of the kids. My husband wasn’t home much because he traveled a lot and was always tired. The problem was that my mother in law was not happy that she did not hear from her son as much. He did not call her because he was tired. She did not like that especially because he would talk to her an hour or so each night while I was putting the kids to bed.

After this occurred, I was told by someone who I had pray for me that God revealed to her that my mother in law was a witch. An actual witch who was involved in the occult as well. Fear gribbed me because I had no idea what I was actually dealing with. I was told to keep the children away from her. I had too, because what the Lord was showing my son I knew that she was trying her best to take me out or cause hardship and division. She was doing whatever she could to cause divsion in my family and tear us apart and that is what she did. God kept our marriage together but my family members have been split apart. All becaue of lies that were spoken. The phrase comes to mind, “what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive”.

Since the time we were married it was always a spiritual battle. I was fighting something that I had no idea how to fight because of the witchcraft and the curses that were being spoken against us. She would even astral project within our home. She wasn’t doing this alone, she had others with her. I had to throw everything out that she ever gave us because it was all cursed. Praise God that he was on our side. It was confirmed to me by others of who she truly was, a witch. Think about it, I was a baby Christian, coming back to the Lord and finally learning about the love of God that I craved since a little girl. I was in search of him but the enemy tried to fight me. He tried to steal, kill and destroy everything that belonged to me.

This is why God showed my children, through dreams, about spiritual warfare. I had to trust God in what he was showing them because I never even heard of such a thing. It was a powerful time but I was afraid. I needed to learn that God was greater and greater within me and within them. My husband had no idea. He was asleep. She would put him in a trace like state at times when he was around her. I saw it because God eventually opened my eyes to see it. I knew I had to fight for him. She knew I was praying because my prayers were increasing. I was learning how to use my spiritual warfare. She did not give up. God gave her a warning and even allowed us back into theirs lives but it only got worse. I was able to see more of the truth. My husband eventually saw that they were not for him but him or us, but to only cause more problems on the surface. He wasn’t aware of the spiritual aspect of it all.

I learned forgiveness, but we knew that he could not allow them back in because of the emotional abuse that they were bringing into our lives.

I loved his family, but just like David and Saul I could not allow them in.

Maybe you might have faced some betrayal in your own life through loved ones. I just want to tell you, God can restore all that was lost. He has seen it all and he knows what betrayal is like. He was betrayed also. He wants you to know that he loves you and he will bring you through all that you have faced.

His Heart Speaks

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