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Brotherly Love

The Lord was showing me a face this morning from the movie produced by Tim Tebow and his brother called "Run The Race". I asked the Lord why he was showing me his face. He was the one brother whose faith needed to be built up again and he had doubts about God. He wanted to go his own way because of his own hurts.

These two brothers had a love for one another and stood by each other. The faith-filled brother (the one with seizures) was an example to the other. He had Christ-like character. He carried on in his faith even though his body was failing. But, you see he wanted the best for his brother. He encouraged him and held him up. He loved him even though he was not in the same place as he was.

They both had dreams and desires and each one wanted the best for the other. One even put his own health on the line to see his brother succeed.

They had brotherly love... Be and example. Let's build one another up in love. Encourage one another. Fight for one another. Pray for one another.

I hear the Father saying our circumstances are only a blip on the screen. All you are going through is changing and bringing you into a place I called you to. New chapters, new doors in your lives are about to open. Don't sweat the small stuff and continue on. God knows exactly what he is doing.

PS.. if you have not yet seen the movie, I recommend it. It is truly one of my favorites.

His Heart Speaks

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