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Children-A Gift From God

Hey Mom, come up here”! I would hear these words each and every night for a couple of years. So, each night I would run upstairs and sit and listen to what my son had to say. It was quite an adventure. I know of many parents that look forward to putting their kids to bed at night to catch that long awaited break! Not me! I looked forward to every night. Each night there was something new to hear about. This also taught me to pay attention to when my children are speaking. Children just want to spend time with us anyway and to listen to what they have to say. Even today as they are a bit older, I make sure that the time we spend together is special between the two of us. It's amazing what God wants to reveal.

Children are hungry for God. They want to know about God and what his “super powers” are. If we teach them young about who he is, that gives them a strong foundation to build upon as the grow up. It's so important that they learn what is real and what is the false.

So, like I mentioned, these days turned into a couple of years. We would talk about Jesus and what the Lord was revealing to him. We were new Christians walking with the Lord, but it seemed like my son was walking with the Lord for quite some time because of all that the Lord was showing him. He had his own personal relationship with Jesus and I too was learning about intimacy with the Lord.

What God had shown him was something that I did not even hear about at the time. He told me about his trips to heaven and how he would get there. He said to me that everything in heaven was golden and that he had his own place there. I couldn’t believe what he was telling me, but I did. I knew he was going where he was saying he was going. I had no doubt. I never told him about these things or read them to him, but it is in the Bible. Jesus has a place for us already picked out. So, that is where my son went, to see his place in heaven.

My son would also tell me the foods that Jesus loved. At the time, that was hard to believe because I questioned even if there could be food in heaven. My son said Jesus liked strawberry shortcake. Not a bad choice if you ask me. I loved these conversations we had together. It only brought my son and I closer. We have a connection together in the spirit as well in the natural. It is so important to stay connected to our children. They need the right guidance so that they continue to keep their eyes upon the Lord no matter what comes their way. Also, to learn how to fight with their spiritual weapons and take dominion with the authority that God has given them.

As you read this, maybe you thinking this cannot be true, but it is. Many battles we have gone through was given through revelation. Families are to be a blessing for one another. Children are a blessing and God has given them many gifts and talents to be used for the glory of God. We, as parents need to help search them out; as well as, raise them up according to what God has given them, to help steward those gifts.

Let me explain a little further. There was a time someone had come against me and I knew it because I was going through quite a bit of warfare, physically and mentally. My son saw that this person was...lets just say...wanted to take me out. They were trying to get rid of me or get me out of the way. God had revealed to my son, through a vision, that this person was coming against me. I knew that I had to stand firm in what I believed and that God would keep me and he did. It was intense especially because it was someone whom I had grown to love. What God had revealed to my son, I believed it, because I was going through warfare. This person made it seem as if they were doing nothing wrong. God has his way of revealing things to us. In this case, he was using my son to show him some of truths of what was going on.

Unfortunately, this person was my husbands parent and he loved them. At this time, my husband was not a Christian. He was not seeking God. In fact, he was mesmerized by his parent. Only God could reveal the truth to him, in time he did, even though he did not want to believe it. However, it wasn’t easy because what my children and I saw was not what my husband was seeing. So the three of us had to learn how to love and forgive in spite of what opposition we had faced. We had to learn how to love the unlovable. We had to learn how to forgive and that was difficult. How do you love someone when you know that they wanted you dead and out of the way. Not only you, but your own flesh and blood. It was such a painful time of much heartache and also learning to overcome. We had to learn how to fight and not with real weapons, but with our spiritual ones.

So, I am writing this to show you that children are a gift from God when we learn how to raise them up in the Lord and to seek after him. These are just a few things that God had used my son to reveal to me what was taking place in the spirit. What's interesting, is he used my other son as well. They each have different giftings, but each are so very important.

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