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Children to Hear Him

In 1 Samuel verse 3, God spoke to Samuel. At first he did not recognize the Lords voice. Eli had to explain to him to answer for it was the Lords voice. So God called Samuel again and this time Samuel answered. He said "Speak Lord, for your servant is listening".

God used Samuel in a mighty way. Samuel was called as a young child to be a judge and king.

God wants to use us, but not only us but our children. Our children are going to walk in the fear of the Lord. What will come out of their mouths will astonish many. They have to be taught. They have to be taught intimacy as we are taught intimacy. If we don’t know intimacy than we must learn.

Many people perish for their lack of knowledge.

Eli had explained to Samuel to answer Gods voice. Eli realized it was important to teach Samuel to hear Gods voice otherwise he would have been held responsible. Eli was eventually judged for not teaching his own sons the fear of the Lord.

I remember when my children where younger and I had shared with them about Samuel and I told them when you hear the Father speak your name than answer. I had the fear of God on me for my children because I knew they needed to know HIM and know HIS voice for themselves.

So we as christians and as a body of Christ hunger for God don't you think our children are hungering for the same. They are faced with much we have never been faced with. Their desires are becoming the worlds desires and the pull is great.

So, It is our responsibility to teach the younger generations to hear His voice for themselves.

My son had come into my room since he was a child and the excitement in his voice to tell me what the Lord had shared with him. What joy it brought not only him but me. What God showed him gave me an even greater desire to know the Father. You see we don't give our children enough credit. Let us raise up a generation of warriors for the Kingdom of God.

I know I would not be here if my children did not hear His voice. The words of encouragement they received through the Father during my times of depression and turmoil brought me through. They sent me nuggets of encouragement ( tiny papers folded up and launched from the steps) This only happened because they recognized the Fathers voice.

His Heart Speaks

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