• Kelley

Clothes Line

I see a woman and she is hanging clothes on a line. I saw another washing clothes in a basin. Like they did in the old days.

I hear the Father saying, why are you so downcast and trodden? Each of these pieces of clothing represent who you are and who your family is. They are being hung out to dry in the sun. Rays of my glory to hit each piece. Each representative of who you are.

Your clothing even matters to me. It’s your style, it’s part of who you are. You picked it out. It’s whom I created you to be.

Don’t look at your brother or your sister because their clothing is different than yours. You are each clothed in righteousness for my name sake.

So let me shine on you, in you and all around you.

Chin up my child, you ARE going to make it!

I hear him saying to same ole same ole is coming to an end. New excitement is in the air. A fresh breeze is blowing.

His Heart Speaks

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