• Kelley

Come To Me

While sitting with the Father this morning, His faint whisper is what I hear.

He asks, “what do you hold so dear?”

I reply with a smile and say you my Lord. I see you. My thoughts and my eyes are upon you. I just want to get even closer. My heart yearns for you. I want so much more. So much more of who you are.

Do you see me? DO you see who I am? Do you know who I am? I am turning every heart around so that they can gaze at my beauty. So that they can find rest in this world. So many unhappy faces. SO many searching for things other than me. I see their hearts and they are not with me. They are not for me. They run and hide. Oh, how i want them to seek my face. I adore these children that are so empty inside.

Oh little children come unto me. Come near to me. Let me stir your heart for the greatness and goodness of who I am.

As darkness fills this earth, great shall be my light. It shall burn even brighter in the darkest of days. Let my praises be upon your lips and you will never go hungry.

His Heart Speaks

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