• Kelley


My daddy wasn’t much of a talker. He was always quiet. He had a high profile job that left him weary and drained at the end of the day. So there wasn’t much communication in my family. So, because of it I was never able to express joy or sorrow. So I learned how to keep everything in.

God had to take me through a healing process in order to communicate what I was feeling. I had to be healed of viewing my Heavenly Father differently than my natural father. I had to understand that it was okay for me to communicate all to my Heavenly Father. That he is always waiting for me. He always has a listening ear.

I am not one to hold in my feelings. I need to express them. So, I learned how to run into my Daddy’s arms with all my pain, sorrow, sufferings and of course joy. All I had gone through and running into His arms it brought a deeper relationship between me and the Lord.

His Heart Speaks

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