• Kelley

Crossing over

I am not sure about you, but it seems as though the enemies attacks have gotten a lot stronger. The constant lies that he is throwing against us have been relentless.

God is saying don’t listen to them!

Throw off everything that so easily hinders you. Hebrews 12:1

It’s all a distraction. It’s a distraction to take us off course. We are crossing over, we are crossing over into the land that our Father has promised to us. If we can just stand on the truths and the promises and tell the enemy to get behind us we will see all that he has promised. Don’t succumb. Don’t give in to the pressure.

God is saying I am reassuring you. It’s all lies to take you off course.

Lean into me my beloved. You will not be disappointed. I love you too much!

His Heart Speaks

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