• Kelley

Dream Again

I am seeing this young girl on the beach. She has a dress on. I actually think back to when I was young. I don’t remember ever going to the beach with my family. I think it wasn’t until later that I went. We had family who had a house on the bay, but I never spent time on the beach until later after high school.

I grown to love the beach. I had a desire to sit and read a book on a porch on the coast of Maine. Well, I wanted to own a house in Maine. Not sure why Maine. Something about Maine that attracted me to it. I visited there once and would do it again.

Ever sit back and just dream? Sometimes we have to dream. Honestly, your Heavenly Father wants you to dream. He has put desires within your heart that he wants you to dream about. I dream quite often. My imagination goes wild.

I even dream about sitting at my Heavenly Fathers feet near his throne. He sits there and he leans over. I can see it now. I see him on his throne sitting there watching me, watching me cry at his feet. He is so tender and so sweet. He grabs my face and lifts it up to look into his. He is lovely.

I hear him say, I love you as he continues to hold my face.

I am now looking and I see this little girl, but now she is grown up. She is walking along the beach.

“Father is this me”, I ask him. “Yes, my love this is you. You will see that house in Maine. You will visit once again. Your dream will come true”, I hear him say.

His Heart Speaks

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