• Kelley


I had a dream the other night and part of it was there were big storms that were coming with high winds. The winds were bending trees and houses back and forth like they were rubber. Than they would go back into the same position with not much damage.

I sense that God is saying there is going to be persecution coming in the land upon Christians. There will be judgements as well as testings and will separate those who are living for God and those who are not. He is separating those who say they are the church and those who are not the true church.

God is getting ready to clean house. He wants us as a pure bride without spot or wrinkle. There will be no more on the fence. We must choose whom we will serve. Government will be shaken, nations, leaders, churches, Christians and non Christians. God is our protector and ultimately He has the final say. It’s our choice now to chose whom we will serve.

The righteous will stand for truth and not be moved. Even though storms around will cause them to bend, they will not break under pressure.

His Heart Speaks

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