Your life is not to be messed with. You see the Lord knows all, he sees all. He see the tears and he counts them all.

There are those who have said things against you, lied about you, defamed your name, but God! God knows the truth and he loves you. There are those who may try or even tried to hurt you, but God wins. He always wins. I pray that the Lord strengthens you this day. ThAt the lies of the enemy will be under your feet. No plan of man or scheme of the devil will be able to pluck you from his hand.

This is for the one who has a calling on their life. This is for the one that knows the truth of what God has said. You will not doubt. You will not be dismayed. You will not be disappointed. Lord breakthrough in the areas that need breakthrough.

I hear the Lord say, you will see, you will see the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the living. You will see it and you will not only believe it, because it’s only I who could do it. I can do the impossible and make it possible.

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