God is good and he is faithful. Where you lack God will provide. He is well able to meet your needs.

I don’t mean just your financial needs. For so long I needed that hug, I need that encouragement because I was lacking. I needed that shoulder to cry on. I realize that no one could give that to me. I needed to find it in the Lord. When I turned towards Him, when I turned my heart towards Him that is when he met those needs. I needed his shoulder to cry on. I needed his support when times got rough.

Today, many are facing difficult times, maybe even having to make difficult decisions. When our trust is in him and our faith his in him, he takes care of it all.

I am not saying it will not be difficult. It’s like climbing a mountain, you are overcoming. The more you give to him and let him have those burdens and you see him working the stronger your faith becomes

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