God is so good. When we least expect it God moves in. God hears your prayers.

For those praying for your loved ones, don’t stop. Don’t stop praying for those you love.

Father move upon hearts today. Move upon those loved ones. Lord bring complete wholeness, turnaround, healing and testimonies.

Thank you Father. Thank you for your unfailing love.

God will never leave you in that same place. He will bring you out.

For someone the Lord knows this season has been difficult. He will bring the healing that you need and the strength you need to bring you out.

I even see the Lord coming in and mending those places of your broken heart. He has you and he will not let you go.

As I am sitting here by a near by park, I began to ask the Lord what was on his heart for those who need to hear. I began to hear Him say I Am moving.

I am moving in the deep places of your heart. Rest assured that I am within you. I am with you. Reach out to me. I will answer when you call.

No matter what the enemy may be unleashing against you, he will

Not win. You will

Come through this.

I prophesy that You will see the victory!

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