I declare that Gods promises will come to pass in your life!

He began to tell say that new changes. New new new. New changes are to come before you. Don’t be afraid to step out. You got this my dear ones. You have been waiting for this.

I will increase your faith even more. I will set things in motion . Just believe!

I want to encourage someone to today with this…

God is up to something and it is good and you will be a part of that something good.


Words to encourage someone

I hear the Lord say I am taking my time with you. I am not rushing anything you don’t not need to rush.

Let it all come together. He has his way and his timing in all things.

God is determined to see you win today.

You are not defeated.

I declare that today is your day of a turnaround. You will have a turnaround testimony in Jesus name!

I have a word to encourage someone.

Not everyone will understand you and it’s okay. They are not supposed to. God understands you because he created you. You don’t have to explain yourself to everyone. God created you uniquely. You belong to Him. He loves you and is the one that he is with you and surrounds you.

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