• Kelley


You are walking out of this battle victoriously. I break off all spirits of doubt.I declare that your words will line up according to what Gods word says.

I sense in the spirit that doubt is trying to creep in and you must not give in to that spirit. What you see shall no longer be. Smoke and mirrors to take you off track. Look at what I am already doing in your life.

You will walk out victoriously. Keep your eyes focused on me and not on your circumstances.

This is where you will live victoriously!

I break off all hindering spirits in the name of Jesus! You are longer going to be held back by the circumstances in your life. You must must move forward. No looking back. Ohh, how the enemy wants us to look back and say it will never be different. I say to you today that you it will be different. Yes, because he has mighty plans for your life. Stand on that, stand on that knowing that he is taking you higher and higher.

It’s not by might, not by power by my spirit says the Lord. Zechariah 4:6

His Heart Speaks

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