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Ever Feel Lonely?

Ever feel lonely? Maybe no one to talk to or even someone just to listen to you. I have felt that many times. In my younger days and also while being married. As a child I was shy and never really had many friends. I had a few that I could talk to but I was very quiet. I wasn't the outgoing one with all the friends by my side. Actually, I found it quite difficult to communicate with others.

While I was married I went through some struggles and heartache and I never really had someone I could talk to. I ended up writing everything down in my journal. I first started writing about my first pregnancy and eventually I started writing to Jesus. Its funny because I have my journals and as I look back at my first journal entry it was on Sept. 12, 2005. I wrote this, "I bought this journal to record some of my thoughts. Now that I am pregnant I thought it would be a good idea to write some feelings down". I begin to go on about how long I was married. We weren't sure if it was a boy or a girl.

Like I had mentioned, I first started writing about my pregnancy with my first son and then I started to write to my Heavenly Father about everything. I had come to realize that He was always listening to me I just needed to share what was on my heart with him. Later on, I began to hear what was on his heart.

Your Father in Heaven is listening. He is always listening. If no one is listening to you, I promise you that your Heavenly Father is. Share your hurts, your struggles and your pains. He is there for you even if no one else is. The thing is, He wants to talk to you too.

I pray for the one that is reading this right now that feels alone and as if no one cares about them.I pray that you would come into a relationship with your Heavenly Father who is waiting for you this moment to start speaking to him. I pray that his voice would become known to you. His voice sounds like your voice except it is not something you would even say. The words that he would speak to you are encouraging not hurtful. His words would not bring you down. In fact his words would speak life to you. He causes you to know joy. He takes away our sorrows our regrets and shame. I come against all fear, shame and guilt that would keep you from going to Him. I promise you he is waiting and he is listening.

He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24

His Heart Speaks

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