• Kelley

Father Knows Best

I hear the Father saying let me burn within you. Let me burn up all the hay, stubble, and straw so that I can put a cloak of righteousness upon you. I must finish the work that I have completed amongst you.

Is not your God too great that he cannot clean up the mess that is before you.

I am the way maker and the miracle worker.

Will you all me to finish the work within you? Will you allow me to place more of my heart within you?

MY will and MY emotions are working in your favor. You don't have to try to figure it out or muster things up. You first need to follow my lead. My leading will bring you peace and a joy. Anything else is NOT me!

You have tried so long to do it on your own. Trust me, your "Father Knows Best"!

As I hear "Father Knows Best" I am reminded of that television show that was made in the 50's. He was a family man and instructed his family with good moral values. He helped raise up his children along side his wife. He was honored, loved and respected. He was a Father that truly new best.

His Heart Speaks

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